Monday, February 3, 2014

Butter Chicken Hut Restaurant Review

I've been on a cyclical ketogenic lifestyle for about 6 months now and along with daily yoga and cardio, have greatly improved my health & wellness. Jesse on the other hand wasn't completely sold on a low carb lifestyle until now. He started reading a book called The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson and we've decided to adopt a strict primal/paleo(ish) lifestyle starting today. So last week we got our carb cravings out, especially for rice and bread. I've had a bad craving for Indian food for awhile now and the last time we had it was months ago. 

Our normal staple for Indian in our area is Karma on 130th. It's very delicious and we have been there a few times over the years. They serve consistently great meals every time. However, we were not in the mood to dine out or even go out to pick up take out due to the weather. We have never had Indian delivery before and decided to try out Butter Chicken Hut, a new take out/delivery restaurant that opened up in the Copperfield area. 

I found out about this place during my morning walks. I saw a sign advertising for it near the park where I frequently take my furry kid, Jambi. Butter Chicken Hut is also a pizza joint under the name Great Canadian Pizza. We haven't tried their pizza yet but the reviews I've read say that their donair pizza is suppose to be really good. 

Jesse & I decided on the usual Indian dishes we order from a sit down restaurant. This includes butter chicken (of course!), lamb korma, & beef vindaloo. We accompanied these with an order of vegetable pakora, saffron rice, & garlic naan. 

We ordered over the phone and was told it would be around 30 to 40 minutes. Our order arrived within 40 minutes, hot and fresh. Delivery was free for orders over $25 but they did charge a few dollars when paying by debit or credit. 

The butter chicken was creamy and flavourful, with huge chunks of breast meat that was juicy. I was really impressed with the lamb korma. The lamb was tender & juicy, and the sauce was nutty & delicious. The beef vindaloo was good. Jesse found it very spicy, but I actually didn't think it was that spicy until I had some leftovers the next day. I guess since I ate it with the milder butter chicken and lamb korma, it tamed the spiciness a lot for me. 

The pakoras I found a bit on the doughy side. It did have really good flavours and was served with a tangy tamarind dip. I would suggest asking for extra dip as I thought one little container wasn't enough. 

The saffron rice and garlic naan were great for sopping up the delicious sauces of the main dishes. They were both generous portions for one order of each and both were good. 

Butter Chicken Hut satisfied my craving for authentic Indian food at the comfort of my own home without the effort of making it myself. The delivery time was within their stated frame and the food came hot, fresh, and delicious. I would definitely recommend this place if you live within their delivery range.   

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